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Rajasthan, the beautiful desert state of India, is perhaps the most fascinating and colorful state of the country.

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Do I need a visa to enter India?
Yes, they are available from the Indian embassy in your home country.
What is the best time of year to visit Rajasthan?
Rajasthan can be visited year round but October to March is when the weather is at its most pleasant. It’s also during these months that most festivals and fairs take place.
Where can you collect me from?
How do I avoid getting ill?
Only drink bottled water, freshly cooked vegetarian food and fruit that can be peeled. Never eat salads or have ice in your drinks. Wash your hands frequently. I can advise you on where and what to eat while we’re on the road, obviously I don’t want you to fall ill either! For more info click here
Can I use my credit card in India?
Large hotels and some shops take credit cards, usually Visa only by the way, but be prepared to pay for most things with cash.
Can I withdraw cash from ATMs in India?
Yes, there are ATMs everywhere. Make sure you tell your bank you’ll be withdrawing money in India though, if you don’t they’ll probably stop your card. Also, some of my clients have had problems withdrawing cash with cards which have 6 digit PINs. HSBC, which only has branches in large cities, is the only bank which will accept 6 digit PINs. Cards with 4 digit PINSs don’t cause any problems.
When and how do I pay you?
At the end of the trip. I’m happy to take any currency but most people pay in US$.
Are there internet cafes in India?
Yes, everywhere. Speeds vary a lot though.
Yes, there is extensive cellphone coverage, it’s unlikely you’ll be without signal. By the way, it’s considerably cheaper to get a local pay-as-you-go SIM, which I can organise, and pop it in your phone rather than use your own. The advantage is that the outgoing calls will be much much cheaper than using your phone and incoming calls will be free. Make sure your phone is unlocked so it’ll work with a different SIM.
How can I book a tour to India ? Is there a list of tours I can choose from?
First we recommend that you go through "Rajasthan Drive With Me" as listed on the home page. Rajasthan Drive With Me include various tours that we have been organizing very successfully since a long time. The tours are listed under different categories like India Adventure , Golden Triangle , India Honeymoon , Other India Tours . and you can select them on as it is basis. If however you feel that these tours need to be fine-tuned to coincide with your flight schedule, and if you need to add or reduce a night in any city, then you must send us your request and our tour experts will get back to you shortly with necessary changes and the amended tour cost.
What if I do not like any of the tours listed on the site? Can Rajasthan Drive With Me tailor-make a tour for me?
The second option is to select the cities you wish to visit. Further you will also have to inform us some other factors like duration, number of people traveling together and choice of hotels you prefer. As soon as we have these details from your end, we will design a tour especially for you and get back immediately. These details serve as an outline for our Tour experts, who are working here round-the-clock to tailor make a tour just for you. Or you can choose to create your custom tour package .
How do we settle the payment? Is there an advance deposit required?
We insist on a nominal deposit of 10% of the total tour cost to be sent to us as soon as the itinerary and the price has been finalized. This is an authorization for us to go ahead with the reservations. A lot of times we need to send out money to block rooms in small hotels which do not entertain travel agents, to buy train tickets, to pay for reserving berth in trains, hence we insist on a token amount. The balance however has to be settled on your arrival in India. The money can be paid by credit card or through a electronic transfer to our bank account, vide a banker's cheque or a demand draft etc.
Is the information I give on the net safe?
Any correspondence exchanged between you and Rajasthan Drive With Me be kept confidential and not outsourced to any third party under any circumstances. Moreover your profile (name, Email ID, address, Telephone number) will be used only to communicate with you in regards to the services you are buying or availing. At no time will this profile be misused.
Is the information provided by Rajasthan Drive With Me reliable?
The information provided on the site is true and reliable to the best of our knowledge. Moreover various Tourism Boards/organization have been helpful in getting us the required information and we at Rajasthan Drive With Me are very thankful to them for their cooperation.
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