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Rajasthan, the beautiful desert state of India, is perhaps the most fascinating and colorful state of the country.

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Vehicles and trained Drivers with "Rajasthan Drive with me" are molded with professional skills, positive working attitudes, competent driving techniques and skills to serve and deliver our customers with high quality services, handle them with high care and reach the destinations with Safety as first priority. Driving with us makes you feel more comfortable, confident, feel at home and last but not the least is more Safe.
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  • Safety Features
  • Driving Safety
  • Environmental Care


All vehicles are fitted/ provided.
  • Automatic Seat Belts for all seats.
  • Roll Over Protection Bar and Bull Bar.
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Tool Box and spare parts.
  • Emergency contact.
  • Luggage nets.
  • Mobile Phone with driver.
  • Safety Induction to Passenger
  • Medical Site Information available
  • Emergency Response Plan


  • All drivers are trained in Defensive Driving as per 4WD India Training program.
  • All drivers can speak and understand English.
  • All drivers have valid country driving license.
  • No right hand side getting out of Vehicle for clients (this avoids 60% of risk exposure)
  • Instructed to follow country road laws.
  • Seat belts are worn at all times.
  • Vehicle not to exceed 100 Km/h on National Highway (2 way highway) and 70 Km/h on State Highway.
  • A break must be taken at least every 2 hrs, and many more.
  • Decrease speed near villages/ town/ intersection to risk of any incident.
  • Close windows while driving through a community or with more populatio

Environmental Care

  • The driver must maintain a record of fuel and lubricant consumption and costs in the logbook.
  • No litter should be thrown from vehicle.
  • Maintain exhaust system to minimize emissions and carry pollution control certificate.
  • Avoid fuel spillage during refuelling.
  • No plastic/rubbish thrown out from vehicle.
  • Contain all lubricants when maintenance is carried out
  • Drive slowly to avoid of rising dust in such type of areas.
  • Regular Vehicle Maintenance is done
  • Drive within posted speed limit
  • Drivers and passengers should understand that car pollutes more when it travels over 100 km/hr
  • Aggressive driving tactics, like over-acceleration and sharp braking on a regular basis not only put unnecessary wear and tear on vehicle but also increase the level of auto emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Try to drive on routes with a smooth traffic flow, to reduce the no of stops and starts
  • Avoid the use of idling for long time.
  • Use tires designed to improve fuel economy.
  • Check for reduced rolling resistance in the tire tread design.
  • We take care not to dump used motor oil down oil, in the sewer or on the ground as it is highly toxic.
  • We return used tyre for recycling.
  • Use existing roads and tracks. Where there are no existing roads or tracks and it is intended to travel the same ground repeatedly, use the same wheel tracks each time.
  • Reduce off-road erosion by driving around contours or on ridges, and minimize disturbance on creek banks.
  • Minimize movements in wet conditions
  • Decrease speed near camp, villages and livestock to reduce dust, noise and disturbance.
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